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Join PrefabNZ

To demonstrate your leadership and commitment to innovative construction in New Zealand join PrefabNZ and you’ll be in good company!

We have 350+ members across the design and construction sector, including architects, builders, construction firms, developers, engineers, investors, manufacturers, quantity surveyors, researchers, retailers, policymakers and project managers.

We would love to welcome you to our community! Follow our YouTube channel, and watch our 2 min CoLab 2019 highlights reel here.

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Why join PrefabNZ?

Joining PrefabNZ is joining the heart of innovative construction in New Zealand. Benefit from information, education, and advocacy about innovative offsite design and construction.

Our members are at the heart of everything we do! We work hard to deliver fun and informative events, an annual CoLab conference, free Cluster meet-ups, and projects like the SNUG home in my backyard competition. Our work is aimed at increasing the viability of prebuilt options, growing the visibility of the research and development end of the design and construction industry and enhancing our Member's endeavours.

Joining PrefabNZ enables you to benefit from these activities, putting you in touch with the prefab industry, connecting you with key industry players and like-minded businesses. It keeps you in the loop on all things prefab, plus you’ll get a bunch of perks – see below.

What we do and what we offer

What we do


We seek to influence an environment conducive to offsite manufacturing, i.e. policy, regulation, skills, finance.


We inform, collate and disseminate credible data to support evidence-based decision-making.


We publicise the value-add of offsite manufacturing to drive demand and provide platforms to Members to do the same.


We enable connections with and within the offsite manufacturing supply chain.


We celebrate and showcase industry successes to both drive demand and build best practice.

What we offer


Channel to industry - to obtain industry insight and test policy options.

Submissions - on legislative and regulatory consultation, including the Building Act Amendment Bill.

Discussions - with banks for more favourable lending conditions for OSM buildings.


Research - including 23 OSM trends and processes reports currently available to Members on our website.

Collaboration - with BRANZ-funded researchers to disseminate OSM research findings.

Developing tools - such as estimator calculators for OSM.


Promoting - to Members, Partners and "sister" peak bodies through media channels.

Highlighting - exciting and innovative projects in NZ and offshore via monthly newsletter (4,900+).

Showcasing - industry projects in online publication series.


Assisting government - to translate OSM targets and commitments into action.

Networking - opportunities to enhance industry knowledge and foster connections.

Liaising - with OSM organisation abroad to learn from other supply chain practices.


Annual conference - 2020's virtual conference: 269 participants, 19 exhibitors and 17 presenters.

Innovation Bites - our monthly webinar: 43 held over 2+ years, attended by 4,253 participants.

NetworX - networking opportunities with presenters and site visits.

Membership fees

JOIN NOW and pay for the next Membership year (1 April 2020 - 31 March 2021) to receive the rest of this Membership year for free!

From 1 April 2021 - 31 March 2022, GST inclusive:

  • $580 - business turnover < $1 million
  • $925 - business turnover $1-5 million
  • $1,180- business turnover $5-10 million
  • $2,350 - business turnover $10-20 million
  • $4,700 - business turnover > $20 million
  • $290 - individual membership (by enquiry)
  • $0 - student membership (proof of full-time study required)

Flexible payment options available - email to find out more!

If joining part-way through a year, fees are payable on a pro-rata basis (except in conjunction with PrefabNZ Conference registrations).

If registering two businesses, receive a 20% discount off the second registration.

By joining, you are agreeing to and accepting the Rules of PrefabNZ. Download the Rules of PrefabNZ

By joining, you are agreeing to and accepting the Membership Agreement. View the Membership Agreement

What our members say


(Mid-year Membership survey)

“Great support and opportunity for building relevant networks."

"PrefabNZ has provided inspiration and stimulus for me to progress my business."

"I feel that it is an organisation with a real and well defined purpose, and a purpose that has real value... PrefabNZ is truly inclusive and welcoming and has the magical ability to reach out to a diverse range of people with much generosity. Go PrefabNZ!"

"Each time we engage with PrefabNZ, through the website, Clusters, CoLab and with other Members, our confidence and knowledge improves to have a go and think of prefab options as a way forward."

Maximise your membership

Super-boost your member-value!

Follow this guide on how PrefabNZ Members can increase the incredible value from their membership


FREE – ensure your listing has images, logos, awards, copy, specifications and contact details to keep your Directory listing relevant , up-to-date and useful. The Directory is the most visited page on our website. Email


FREE - Contribute newsletter content (news articles, awards, projects) and be promoted to our members and over 4500 engaged recipients.

FREE - Share your knowledge, best practice, lessons learnt, tip-bits, information. Become a helpful collaborator and known name within our community. Email


FREE - Surf for current reports, advocacy updates, news and updates.

FREE - Make sure to like and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn

FREE - Contribute content and provide links so we can highlight your work through our social channels.


FREE – send us your brochures, articles, newsletters to be included in the resources section.

FREE - visit the Members’ Resources webpage – find useful articles/presentations/newsletters.


FREE - Search our database and maximise connections.

FREE - Seek a personal consultancy. Ask us to put you in direct contact with Board Members or other Members of interest. Email


FREE - Direct our work, PrefabNZ is membership-led, tell us your needs to inform our strategic direction.

FREE – become a Board Member, take an active role in representing your needs at Board level. Gain prominence, receive guaranteed space in newsletters, a free place at our CoLab conference and get access to key influencers.


FREE - Use our logo on your website, bio’s, newsletter, LinkedIn or Facebook page etc. Email: for a PrefabNZ Member logo

Maximise alignment with PrefabNZ’s values and work and become a highly-valued Partner with our Partnership programme. Gain VIP status for yourself, adverts, sponsor events and presentations, site visits, case studies in external publications, branding and much more. Email


Participate at our Member events, such as Clusters and CoLab conference. Extend your knowledge and skills.

FREE – Seek out connections and meet Board Members, engage with presenters (be ready to explain your business / interests).

Offer to host an event, deliver content, or sponsor a topic area. This will raise your profile and highlight your business. Email

Contact us

If you are considering membership, we would love to hear from you! We're happy to answer any questions you may have and chat about how to get the most value out of membership. Contact us or join PrefabNZ.

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