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This directory will give you a quick overview of who, amongst our Members, manufactures prebuilt homes, what they offer and where they are based. It is intended to complement our more comprehensive Directory.

Whether it's a home completely built in a factory and transported to your site, or parts manufactured offsite and assembled onsite - there are many different prebuilt home options, styles and possibilities using offsite manufacturing.

* Please note that while all effort has been made to be as comprehensive as possible, some companies may offer additional services than those listed below.

In this directory the following terms have been used:

  • Transportable (a home completed in a factory and delivered to your site)
  • Container Homes (containers converted into homes)
  • Kitset Homes (entire house is factory built in parts then assembled whole onsite)
  • Modular (parts of the house are factory built, then assembled onsite alongside onsite built sections of the house)
  • Design & Build (homes built from existing plans and/or customised plans, these include, but are not limited to, extensions/alterations to existing homes)


Organisation Serviced Offered
Phone Email
ANZ Modular Modular 021 818 070
Click Houses Ltd Design & Build
EasyBuild Kitset Homes 0800 232 792
EcoPod Concepts Ltd Transportable Homes 0800 326 7637
Ezyline Homes Transportable Homes 07 572 0230
FLiP Design & Build 04 384 9973
Genuine Tiny Homes Transportable 0800 846969
Greenhaven Homes Ltd Modular/Transportable Homes 0800 777 175
HouseMe (Compact Homes Ltd)
Transportable Homes
0800 468 7863
IQ Container Homes Container Homes 021 115 4553
Jason Bennett Builders Ltd Transportable Homes 09 988 9651
Makers of Architecture Design & Build 027 637 0116
Portabuild Transportable Homes 0800 668 322
Smart Solution Homes Ltd Transportable Homes 09 218 8663
Sunshine Homes and Cabins Ltd Transportable Homes 0800 435 800 Contact

North Island

Service Offered Region Serviced Phone Email
Hawkes Bay Homes Transportable Homes North Island 06 870 8979
Transbuild Transportable Homes Greater Auckland 0800 460 307
Elevate Architectural Transportables Transportable Homes North Island 07 827 0433
European Modular Homes Ltd Panelised Building System Auckland Region
Exeter Homes Transportable Homes North Island 027 454 2736
Chamberlain Carpentry & Joinery Homes Design & Build Taupo Region 07 378 3222
House it Transportable Homes North Island 0800 121 316
Kiwi Designer Homes Transportable Homes North Island 0800 4 KIWI HM
Modul Design & Build North Island
Passive House Builders Design & Build Auckland, Waikato & Bay of Plenty 021 069 7943
Pure Homes NZ Ltd Transportable Homes North Island 021 869 930

South Island

Organisation Service Offered Region Serviced Phone Email
Genius Homes Transportable Homes South Island 0800 522 225
Miles Construction Design & Build South Island 03 374 8000

Component Manufacturers

Organisation Service Offered Region Serviced Phone Email
Concision Panelised + modular components Nationwide Commercial
Hector Egger Prefabricated timber elements Nationwide 021 407 127
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