WASP by Rothoblaas: a powerful hook

WASP by Rothoblaas: a powerful hook.

WASP is the hook for prefabricated elements and lamellar panels transport made of high strength carbon steel casting with zinc-plating that meets all the CE marking requirements.

Used with Rothoblaas VGS and HBS structural screws certified for this purpose, the hook-screw system can also be used for applications on CLT, LVL and hardwood panels.

To apply WASP there is no need for grooving, so the hook-screw system insertion into the wood is very fast: it does not require pre-drilling in applications on softwoods and does not leave evident marks on the wood, which instead may occur when using straps or other lifting systems. In addition, unlike belts, WASP hooks can be reused after a quick inspection and if the loads are very high it will be sufficient to add hook and screw systems after an evaluation by the designer.

The WASP hook-screw system, which can be used for both axial and transverse loads, is easy to use: the hooks can be pre-installed at the factory so that the panels can be easily moved in the factory supply chain and make transport to the construction site efficient and safe, or they can be installed directly on site without the need for special machinery.

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