Virtual Summit 2021 Speaker John Sneyd | MBIE

Virtual Summit 2021 Speaker John Sneyd | MBIE

John Sneyd, General Manager Building System Performance Branch | MBIE

John leads the Ministry of Building, Innovation and Employments (MBIEs) Building System Performance branch, which is the government’s lead advisor on the building regulatory system, including the New Zealand building code.

John comes from a government legal and regulatory background, and spent five years as the chief legal advisor at the former Department of Building and Housing before moving to a senior management position in another government agency.

John’s team is actively pursuing innovations through the building law reforms which aim to make the building system more efficient, lift the quality of building work, and provide fairer outcomes if things go wrong.

Included in these changes is a new certification scheme which will provide an end-to-end compliance pathway for modular components manufactured offsite. The scheme will integrate with the consent process, ensuring robust quality standards for offsite construction, whilst removing duplication of compliance for repeatable manufacturing processes.

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