Building Performance Wrap Up June 2021

Changes to the Building Act have now completed their Parliamentary journey, with the Bill gaining Royal assent yesterday. MBIE are still consulting on the proposed regulations to support the bill, and we encourage you to have your say before the Friday 18 June deadline.

We also encourage you to have a look at the proposed changes to the occupational regulation of engineers. The changes include a new registration scheme for all engineers to ensure a base level of professionalism, and a new licensing regime, to regulate who can carry out or supervise engineering work in specified practice fields that have a high risk of harm to the public. This consultation is running until Friday 25 June.

The full summary of submissions from our 2020 Building for Climate Change consultation is now available. A number of key themes came out of the consultation, including the need for more information, concerns around cost and whether or not existing buildings should be included. Overall however, there was broad agreement that the sector has to take action to reduce emissions.

Finally, as New Zealand pushes forward in level 1 a lot of industry events are back up and running providing great opporunties for different areas of the sector to get together, share knowledge and discuss both challenges and solutions. We'll have representatives at a number of industry events across the rest of the year, and look forward to meeting more of you. Watch this space!

Building Performance Updates

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Building law reform regulations Building for climate change
Have you had your say on the proposed regulations for the Building Amendment Bill? You've got until Friday 18 June at 5pm to let us know what you think.
The full summary of submissions from the 2020 Building for Climate Change consultation is now available, covering views from right across the building sector.
Read the proposed regulations Find out what we learnt
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Which cylinders are compliant? Strengthening the LBP scheme
EECA have published a list of electric hot water cylinders that comply with New Zealand Minimum Energy Performance Standards.
The Government has agreed to changes to the Licensed Building Practitioner scheme to improve accountability, efficiency and fairness.
See which cylinders are compliant Find out more about the changes
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BCA accreditation evaluation Proposed regime for engineers
An evaluation into the Building Consent Authority Accreditation Scheme has found that overall the scheme is achieving its intended outcomes.
The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment is consulting on proposed changes to the occupational regulation of engineers. Have your say before 25 June.
Read the scheme evaluation Let us know what you think
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Determinations database Better Understand the Code
Determinations are made by MBIE on matters of doubt or dispute to do with building work. Each outcome is published on our website to provide guidance for similar situations.
Try our learning modules to better understand the Building Code. Suitable for those already involved with the building or construction sector, or new to it.
Determinations published in 2020 Learn about the Building Code
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