Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s MultiProof Scheme

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Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s MultiProof Scheme

The Construction industry is constantly looking for ways to speed up the building consent process. MBIE’s MultiProof scheme, for whole building designs, is an innovative way to reduce timeframes and costs from this process.

Many building and construction companies offer a wide range of standardised designs which require individual building consent applications for each build. This can make the process longer and be more costly when constructing multiple buildings of the same design.

If you are in the construction business and are using the same standardised design, why not consider the MultiProof scheme?

The MultiProof scheme involves an application process where your building design is assessed for compliance with the New Zealand Building Code. At the successful conclusion of the assessment process, MBIE issues a certificate confirming that the design shown on the plans and specifications complies with the Building Code.

Each time you build to that design you require a building consent. However, the good news is that if your application for building consent already has an approved MultiProof design and you include this information with your application, the timeframes are reduced from 20 to 10 working days.

MultiProof applies to designs for entire buildings, including those with several joined units such as motels and townhouses, where applicants intend to build at least 10 times in two years. MultiProof applications can include design alternatives, such as different cladding types, window configurations and kitchen and bathroom layouts. There’s also flexibility to cater for local conditions like wind and earthquake zones.

To help you decide what design alternatives to include in your MultiProof application, think about the common modifications your clients request.

The benefits of MultiProof approval are:

  • More certainty of gaining a building consent - the Building Consent Authority (BCA) must accept the MultiProof as evidence of Code compliance.
  • Quicker building consent processing - the BCA must process the consent application within 10, instead of the usual 20 working days. Some clients have been issued consents in as little as two working days.
  • More consistency in consenting decisions across the country – MultiProof’s are valid nationwide, as long as the site meets the conditions of the approval.
  • Potentially lower consenting costs - as the majority of the design is pre-approved, there is less assessment for the BCA to do.
  • Marketing tool - customers can be assured that the design complies with the Code and that the building consent process will be quick and easy.

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