MBIE: Covid-19 update and travel information for building and construction

Last night (Sunday 14 February 2021) the Prime Minister updated New Zealand's COVID-19 Alert levels.

AUCKLAND REGION: Alert level 3 until midnight Wednesday.

REST OF NZ: Alert Level 2 until midnight Wednesday.

The levels situation is fluid, and may be updated by the Government at any time.

Travelling between regions

With Auckland moving to level 3, travel between the Auckland region and the rest of the country will be heavily restricted. If you wish to travel in or out of Auckland for building or construction business, you will need to have proof that you either fit into a permitted activity or have a specific exemption to travel.

For building and construction, permitted activities include:

  • Building, construction, and maintenance services for key infrastructure (key utilities, or infrastructure required to provide for the current needs of people and communities; or to support hte COVID-19 response).
  • Any building, constructionand maintenance services required to address immediate risks to health and safety.
  • Building, construction and maintenance services required for road and rail networks.
  • Building, construction and maintenance services for other infrastructure whose operations, interrupted, would be seriously impacted.

We strongly recommend that anybody wishing to travel for permitted activities obtain a Buiness Travel Document through the link below, so that your travel through the cordon is quicker and easier.

If your business travel is not for a permitted activity you will need to obtain a business travel exemption. Requests will need to meet specific criteria, and many requests will not be approved.

When making an application for an exemption, you will need to explain the purpose of your intended travel. Please make sure you provide as much detail as possible, including all available supporting information, so that we can assess whether the travel is essential and relates to critical activity.

Apply for a Business Travel Document or Business Travel Exemption

Please note: these travel exemptions are for business travel only. For individual travel exepmtions plase see the Ministry of Health website.

Information for individual travel exemptions

Working at level 2 and 3

Having a health and safety plan in place is a requirement for all COVID-19 Alert Levels. Under both levels 2 and 3, building and construction work can continue with appropriate health and safety measures in place.

  • Face coverings are required for close contact work (1-2 metres for Alert Level 3 and less than 1 metre for Alert Level 2). Masks should be worn on public transport for both Alert Levels 2 and 3.
  • All construction sites must keep track of people entering and leaving the site for contact tracing purposes by using a site register. Use of the government COVID-19 app and QR code system is encouraged so that individuals can keep track of their movements - however sites must still keep a register.

It's very important for contrators, subbies and everyone who is permitted on and around sites to understand and work to these protocols.

The New Zealand COVID-19 Construction protocols from CHASNZ

Further information about COVID-19 for the building and construction sector can be found at building.

COVID-19 for the building and construction sector

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