Innovation Bites Library - A Summary of Available Webinars

Innovation Bites Library: A Summary of Available Webinars

A list of Innovation Bites webinars available in the Innovation Bites Library. This library is free for PrefabNZ Members and may be accessed by non-members with a digital subscription.

For more information on the Digital Subscription for non-members, please use this link.

For our Innovation Bites webinar series, we find epic people to chat with, to spur inspiration, express innovative ideas, create new ones, enable growth and help in the uptake of innovation in construction. An easy to digest 15-minute presentation followed by a 25-minute opportunity to pose questions to our topic expert. After the live webinar, recordings are posted to the Innovation Bites Library.

Register for upcoming Innovation Bites here.

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RAB CPD points are available to:

  • Registrants who watch the live webinar or
  • Absentee registrants who watch the replay within one week after the live webinar.

Innovation Bites 2020

Ben Drake.jpg
Coming soon - 15 September
Ben Drake | Offsite/Modular Design and
Construction - risks and opportunities for

New Zealand from a Kiwi in the UK

Register here.

Ged Finch 2020 V2.jpg Thomas Kaestner.jpg Johann Betz.jpg
Gareth Kiernan.jpg Antony Pelosi.jpg

Mark Southgate.jpg

Innovation Bites 2019

Shawn McIsaac.jpg
Peter McUtchen.jpg
Ged Finch 2019.jpg
Tim Cambell.jpg
Dorenda Britten.jpg
Warwick Quinn.jpg
David Kelly.jpg
Ross Pearce.jpg
Conrad Lendrum 2019.jpg
Jason Howden.jpg
Dr Kirsten Edgar.jpg
Yusef Patel.jpg
Jenni Rutter IB catch up image.jpg
Johann Betz 2019.jpg
Toni Kennerley.jpg
Andrew Confait.jpg
Jeff Vickers and Julie Wagener.jpg David Chandler.jpg

Innovation Bites 2018

Stephen McDougall.jpg
Ben Forman.jpg
Louise Swann catch up listing.jpg
Rohan Bush.jpg Vicente Gonzalez catch up listing.jpg
Simon Luke Williams 2018.jpg
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