Concision’s modern design aesthetic – pre-fab but not as you might know it

Concision’s modern design aesthetic – pre-fab but not as you might know it

Any lingering perception prefabricated construction is not ‘beautiful’ is a myth busted with these high-spec bathroom pods from Concision off-site manufacturing.

In a New Zealand first, six Concision bathroom pods have been installed in accommodation domes at Cross Hill Lodge and Domes, on the shores of Lake Hāwea.

The bathroom pods were produced in two and half weeks. They were transported to site complete and ready to be connected to water and power. The domes were constructed around them.

Using this modular bathroom solution means the geodesic domes can easily be moved if required.

Cross Hill Bathroom Pod.jpg

Six luxury bathroom pods built by Concision have been installed in geodesic domes at Cross Hill Lodge and Domes.

Concision P1140323_RT.jpg Concision P1140352_RT.jpg

The accessible bathrooms were manufactured to the same luxury standard.

Concision IMG_3935_RT.jpg

The bathroom pods were manufactured in two and a half weeks in Concision's Rolleston factory before being transported to site.

Concision Cross Hill Dome.jpg

The unique geodesic domes were built around the bathroom pods onsite.

Concision was chosen to manufacture the bathroom pods for its ability to provide a high quality product featuring a design aesthetic in keeping with the luxurious fit out of the domes. Importantly, this included providing an accessible bathroom of the same high quality, a concept too often lost in other accessible bathrooms.

These bathroom pods are just the latest in a long line of high-quality componentry produced at speed by Concision in its world-class Rolleston and Matamata factories.

Another brilliant example is this double storey, timber clad home on Canterbury’s Port Hills, designed by Fernandes Reg Architects.

The 240m2 house, with detached garage, is built on a mixed pile and concrete foundation. From the outset, Concision’s designers worked closely with the architect and main contractor to accurately model the plans in 3D, before generating precise CNC cutting files. This process also ensured the prefabricated panels used in the design and construction, would maximise the home’s thermal efficiencies.

The house consists of 14 floor panels (seven on each level), 32 wall panels and seven roof panels, all of which took nine days to produce. Once on-site, installation was done in just three days. Overall, the entire project was completed three to four months earlier than any traditional hill build.

Fernandes Reg House_1.jpgFernandes Reg House_2.jpg

This architecturally designed home in Canterbury's Port Hills consists of 14 floor panels, 32 wall panels and seven roof panels supplied by Concision.

Concision’s design-led proficiency is just one of the reasons it has become a preferred partner in the housing (including social housing), education and commercial construction sectors. The company’s digital technology, institutional knowledge, ability to manufacture at scale and deliver fast, innovative solutions, round out its vast experience.

Underpinning it all is Concision’s comprehensive ISO9001 Quality Assurance Program. It’s also a recognised offsite manufacturer by the majority of councils throughout New Zealand, which helps to streamline consent processes.

Overall it’s a package that gives Concision’s partners and clients complete confidence in its manufacturing capability and the high quality of its products.

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