CoLab20 speaker - Danny Forster

Danny Forster is an Emmy-award-winning producer, an influential speaker and educator, and an internationally recognized architect. His wide-ranging career is unified in his singular ability to teach people to find meaning in buildings, and in his passion for opening their eyes to the built world around them.

Forster's skill as an interpreter of architectural concepts first emerged on television, as the on-screen host and later the producer of the Discovery Channel's award-winning series Build It Bigger. The show brought a camera crew and Forster's curiosity, discernment, and enthusiasm to pioneering construction projects in more than fifty countries. At each site he would go to extreme lengths—two miles under a seismic zone in a Peruvian tunnel, landing in a chopper on the back of a top-secret Naval vessel, 1,600 feet in the air on top of a twisting skyscraper—to make complex architectural content accessible to a wide audience.

Danny Forster & Architecture is a consortium of architects, designers, urbanists, filmmakers, storytellers, technologists, curators, professors, and authors who value the challenge of innovation over the security of repetition.

The result is that no DF&A project looks just like another. But they are all fundamentally united by the belief that each building should transcend its program. That’s what elevates a building to a piece of architecture and that’s how architecture contributes to the life of its city and to the life of its inhabitants.

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