Daryl Patterson, Lendlease to lead a session at CoLab 2018

Daryl Patterson to present at PrefabNZ CoLab 2018

A graduate of the University of Auckland’s School of Architecture. Daryl joined Lendlease in 1993 in the New Zealand Civil & Civic business.

During his time with the group Daryl’s experience has ranged across construction management, project and design management, development management and business leadership. He has spent many years involved in the creation of large scale mixed-use projects with a particular focus on the multi-storey residential market.

Project responsibilities have included large scale mixed-use projects such as Jacksons Landing in Sydney, Victoria Harbour in Melbourne and the RNA Showgrounds in Brisbane. His sector experience includes hospitals, commercial office, heritage refurbishment, apartments, community assets and masterplan development.

In the last decade Daryl has been instrumental in creating internal start-up businesses that are now established profit generators for Lendlease. These include the Australian Apartments business, the Living Utilities business and the Design Make digital fabrication business.

Key achievements have included the introduction of cross laminated timber to the Australian market with projects like Forte, then the worlds tallest CLT building and Library at the Dock. He has also supported deployment of CLT in the UK and the US where Lendlease has delivered the largest engineered timber projects to date in each of those markets.

For the past seven years Daryl has lead operational excellence initiatives for the Lendlease Property business, promoting innovation and technology. In this role he is responsible for research and engagement with industry and strategic partners and supports the internal investment in and nurturing of innovation initiatives.

This work has ranged from the creation of governance models, the establishment of a national procurement function to the creation of the Lendlease Innovation Lab. At present he is involved in a major research initiative with the University of Sydney into advanced manufacturing techniques for multi-storey buildings. This work forms a small part of a larger initiative Daryl leads enabling digital solutions for the design, production and management of buildings and precincts with the intent of creating major improvements in the productivity of the built environment.

CoLab is the anticipated annual conference of PrefabNZ, its THE prefab and offsite event at the heart of innovative construction #CoLab2018, 7 - 9 March, Auckland. More information on session leaders, programme, site visits and registration click here.

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