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"Affordable housing is such a tough nut to crack, so its really satisfying to be tackling it head on with a great team to build a new approach" says Chris Moller, PrefabNZ board member and one of our founders. Chris is now a household name due to his role presenting Grand Designs NZ. In Series two his Click-Raft award winning, sustainable off-site prefabricated building system was featured in the Stilt House bach. In partnership with Makers Fabrication at their Gracefield factory, they now have several orders on their books, having successfully fabricated and assembled the CMA+U studio and the Makers factory office.

"We are currently working on several exciting low-cost housing projects, including a combined C-30m2 unit living/dining/kitchen with C-10m2 bedroom unit. Cladding is a combination of multi-skin insulated polycarbonate panels, metal and plywood insulated panels and double glazed joinery."

"Designed to meet all the new earthquake, fire, services and environmental code requirements, click-raft is a plywood lattice framework combined with insulated panel cassettes. Everything is included and depending on needs, joinery and even furniture such as shelving, storage and cupboards to save space can be integrated as part of the wall system."

SMALL - a minimal 10m2 unit for use as studio, office or sleep-out unit. includes panel walls (with integrated insulation) in metal, plywood or polycarbonate exterior cladding. We have recently completed a 10m2 unit in Wellington contact us for detailed information on costs and delivery times. This dimension allows a large folding bed or sofa-bed at one end, and workspace or kitchenette at the other.

MEDIUM - 30m2 unit. The system can be sized, tailored and tuned to specific needs as required. 30m2 is a generous size for a combined kitchen, dining and living space. A second 30m2 unit with bedrooms could be combined with this to make a very compact and efficient 60m2 dwelling.

LARGE - larger designs are also possible, recent requests have included a a 240m2 kindergarten and a 200m2 commercial unit.

''We are now fully set up to design, document, fabricate, deliver and assemble projects throughout New Zealand from the Gracefield factory with fully qualified builders to realise your projects on site."

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