Building for Climate Change – consultation now open

Building for Climate Change – consultation now open

Public consultation has opened on proposed changes to help reduce carbon emissions in the building and construction sector.

Information about the consultation process is available on the MBIE website.

We’re asking for your feedback on two documents that will set the course for these changes.

The first document, The Whole of Life Embodied Carbon Emissions Framework, looks at reducing embodied carbon emissions across a building’s whole life cycle, from the production of building materials, all the way through to what happens to the building when it’s at the end of its life

The second document, The Transforming Operational Efficiency Framework focusses on reducing carbon emissions related to the operation of buildings, such as the use of heating, cooling, lighting, ventilation, and other similar items.

As these frameworks are likely to have a future impact on the Building Act and Building Code, we’re keen to hear your views on what we’re proposing, and learn from your experiences, so we can make sure we get this right.

The consultation on the two frameworks will run until 7:00 PM on 30 September, 2020.

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