Boost your bottom line with fully funded training through Competenz

Boost your bottom line with fully funded training through Competenz

CSP is not only about a specific knowledge set. It’s about employees learning to question existing methods and continuously look for improvements.

PPG New Zealand QA/QC manager William Bratton says CSP training had paid dividends for his organisation.

Since CSP was implemented, PPG has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from its bottom line.

Productivity has risen 20% - and one simple solution, identified as a result of the training, saved $15,000 straight away.

“It’s encouraged our people to think about how they work every day and to ask the right questions,” Bratton says.

“Many of the changes we’ve made are quite simple. But until people started thinking about what they could do to improve, these changes just didn’t happen.

“Productivity’s up, employee engagement’s up and we’re closing in on a world-first in innovation.”

Competenz Workforce Development manager Lyndall Clarke works alongside many New Zealand businesses, both large and small.

She encourages offsite manufacturers, of any size and regardless of training experience, to contact her to discuss how to create (and then sustain) increased business performance.

“CSP works. No matter the business, there’s always ways to minimise waste and increase efficiency,” Clarke says

“And when your employees are among the ones spotting the areas where improvements can happen, it creates a real snowball effect.”

The New Zealand Certificates in Competitive Systems and Processes (CSP) begin at Level 3 where an individual learns to understand and identify opportunities for productivity increases.

At Level 4, those with an area of responsibility have the chance to implement and monitor improvements.

And at Level 5, senior employees will develop, and then implement, improvement strategies throughout the wider organisation, driving and leading real - and lasting - change.

And now, through the Government’s Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund (TTAF), employers can access fully funded training.

However, the TTAF scheme is currently only scheduled to last until December 2022, so it is important that businesses move quickly to optimise these training opportunities.

To discuss how to drive and increase productivity in your organisation (and take advantage of fully funded training opportunities) contact Competenz Workforce Development Manager Lyndall Clarke today.

Your organisational performance and future bottom line will thank you.

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