Construction Sector Accord | New guide to reducing carbon emissions in construction

New guide to reducing carbon emissions in building and construction

The Construction Sector Accord is very pleased to announce that New Zealand Government Procurement has just published the Procurement guide to reducing carbon emissions in building and construction.

The guide is a first step towards a net zero carbon construction sector. It sets a clear expectation that government agencies will play a key role in leading the sector by reducing carbon emissions generated by the construction of new government buildings. It requires government agencies to take a number of actions (brief, assess, report) to demonstrate that they are focusing on reducing carbon emissions at the early stages of a project.

It was developed in consultation with the Construction Sector Accord, and aligns with the objectives of the Building for Climate Change Programme, which may ultimately regulate the construction sector through carbon caps in the future through the building consent process.

We appreciate that carbon emissions in the construction sector is a complex and evolving area, and some will be further on the journey than others. This is clearly something that we will all need to collectively work on to make a difference, and the Accord's environment workstream will be a key part of removing barriers to progress for the sector.

Read the guide to reducing carbon emissions here.

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