Innovation Bites with Stijn van den Eeden 22 June 2021

Innovation Bites with Stijn van den Eeden 22 June 2021

Innovation Bites webinar

Join us for this pre-recorded webinar with Stijn van den Eeden and learn more about early design for panelised facade for modular construction.

About the presenter

Stijn has worked as technical Director for Etex, and has built facades in five different continents. He holds Passive House certification, is WUFI trained and has been involved with some of the most iconic facades in New Zealand.

Stijn is currently the General Manager at Symonite Solutions, one of the biggest facade contractors in the country.

About Symonite Solutions

Symonite Solutions was created in response to the growing demand for full façade packages, including cladding, joinery and louver systems. As a façade specialist with 250 employees, 100 trained installers and a long track record, Symonite is uniquely positioned to deliver projects that are challenging either in size or complexity, or both. Symonite Solutions work with only first-tier suppliers and import products from over 15 different suppliers. The solutions are both developed in house and sourced from offshore. All solutions are tested and engineered to comply with New Zealand Standards.

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