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Transbuild Limited

Transbuild specialises in the construction of transportable buildings for both residential and commercial customers throughout the North Island. NZ owned and operated, we take pride in manufacturing architecturally designed buildings that optimise their design functionality with cost-effective manufacturing and transport.


Build with energy-efficient design principles, and environmentally responsible manufacturing processes and products whilst being large enough to be competitive yet small enough to remain agile.

BUSINESS IMPERATIVE Efficiency at every touchpoint from planning and design through to construction without compromising quality.

DESIGN In-house architect and engineering expertise enabling speed and efficiency from planning to construction.

NZ Owned, operated, and support local businesses as a priority.

EFFICIENCY 8 weeks construction, site works can occur concurrently with construction works.

CREDIBLE Built by Licensed Building Practitioners, Code of Compliance certificate for each building.

CUSTOMER PROMISE Streamlined planning, proven processes, all-weather factory enables us to confidently deliver...On time. On budget.

The Transbuild Residential Portfolio is designed by our in-house architect team with space optimisation in mind. We see first-hand that many people are consciously choosing to live with a simplified footprint, but that doesn't mean compromising design or functionality. Our portfolio of floorplans offer a range of layouts from 65 to 144 sqm for consideration to suit personal preferences, site suitability and conditions, whilst delivering everything homeowners look for in a brand new home from ensuites, walk-in wardrobes, NZ custom-made kitchen to storage throughout.

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We work closely with new house development projects across New Zealand to offer solutions for property developers, site buildings and showrooms, accommodation buildings and office blocks. Transbuild Commercial offers some design flexibility, yet certainty of cost and timeframe, both critical for our commercial clients in order to meet their off-site building needs. Our in-house architect team can advise on our best building solution(s) in order to meet your site requirements, so the earlier our design team is engaged, the more opportunity there is for us to help develop a cost-effective and speedy construction solution. The ability to have site works development ongoing whilst building constructions occur in the factory offers considerable time savings and reduced site disruption.

Transbuild transportable buildings are a smart and affordable alternative to new on-site house builds. The opportunity for time savings due to the ability for earthworks to start at the same time as the building starts in the factory is considerable. Our streamlined controlled manufacturing means transparency throughout the production stages, customers can buy with confidence due to our ability to deliver 'on time - on budget', and benefit from moving in within months, not years.

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