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Studio Pacific Architecture

Member since 2011

Evzen Novak
04 802 5444
74 Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011
Studio Pacific Architecture

As architects and designers, Studio Pacific enjoy searching for a bold poetic move in each project and creating architecture that has meaning, depth and tactility. Studio Pacific fosters innovation and creativity, drawing inspiration from landscape, its forms, textures and quality of light.

Studio Pacific's knowledge of prefabrication forms part of their imaginative response to a project brief. They think of it as both a process and as an idea. As a method of construction, it can add economy and efficiency to a project. Designed to withstand transportation, prefabricated components can offer a combination of robustness and lightness. As a design approach, prefabrication can inspire innovation in form and materials. They believe it can provide the conceptual simplicity of modular parts or the time and delicacy needed to craft something particularly complex or intricate.

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