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Prefabrication has become more popular amongst the developers in New Zealand construction industry because it can increase sustainability, flexibility, cost saving opportunity, integrity, quality, and time saving ability.

When it comes to project management it is very effective for a project manager to choose the right method of construction because the three elements of project management; cost, time and quality are significantly affected by the right decision. Prefabrication may or may not reduce the cost of construction and it is highly dependent on the right methods being utilised. Managing the waste and increasing the efficiency and performance is the golden goal for project managers and it can only be achieved by using the proper tools and techniques. Waste in broader view can cover material, human resource and time. Since a significant percentage of time is being wasted in conventional methods, prefabrication could be a better choice as it separates the production from fabrication.

According to the research done by previous studies around one fifth of all building work is New Zealand are made by prefabrication methods and New Zealand has the potential to increase this figure by applying the innovation factor to the industry.

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