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Pamela Bell

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Pamela Bell
Pamela Bell


Pamela has experience in architecture (MArch), Olympic-level sport (snowboarding), small business development (Fruition Apparel Ltd and NZ Snowboard Academy Ltd), governance (Snow Sports NZ) and management. She founded PrefabNZ in 2010 and exited in 2019 when prefabrication reached a 'tipping point' of awareness for government, industry and public alike. Highlights include:

Master of Architecture thesis ‘Kiwi Prefab: Prefabricated Housing in NZ’ (2009)

'Kiwi Prefab' workshop at Victoria University established PrefabNZ (2010)

‘Kiwi Prefab: Cottage to Cutting Edge’ book and exhibition at Puke Ariki Museum, New Plymouth (2012-2013)

PrefabNZ UNIpod design competition (2015) and prototype at CoLab (2016)

HIVE Home Innovation Village Canterbury (2012-2014) commemorative limited edition book (2016)

SNUG 'a home in my backyard' design competition - (2018-2019)

Today, Pamela is an independent Innovation Consultant, specialising in the built environment, industry associations, and governance.

Pamela is on the BRANZ Board that oversees the Building Research Levy. She is a member of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) Building Advisory Panel (BAP) that provides industry input. Her governance interests are reflected in membership of the NZ Institute of Directors (IoD).

Pam Bell

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