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Offsite Design

Member since 2016

Johann Betz
021 104 1485
128 Montreal Street

Offsite Design combines structural engineering expertise with cutting edge prefabrication know-how to help materialise state of the art residential and commercial prefab/timber buildings.

Offsite Design is made up of a small team of specialist structural timber engineers, prefab experts, and 3D modelling staff. Based on our experience good timber design and successful prefabrication benefit from a front-end loading of the design process considering structure, architecture and construction methodology from day 1.

Since 2014 this includes specific engineering design of timber structures. Offsite is working with the leading timber prefabricators in New Zealand and Australia to optimise their projects for prefabrication, structural engineering, and help to deliver these buildings efficiently, often in a CAD/CAM integrated approach. Offsite Design and it's directors also play an active role in education around prefabrication.

Offsite Design directors frequently present at industry events to help move the local timber built environment towards improved quality, productivity, and generally to help with the uptake and delivery of aesthetic timber structures.

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