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Nautilus Modular

Member since 2019

Jason Watkins
027 217 1230
PO Box 718

101 Studholme Rd
RD 2
Wanaka 9382

Our fully integrated modular building system pulls all elements of production, transport and installation into a simplistic and efficient package. Our model takes advantage of off-site manufacturing, creates efficiencies in the supply chain model, and reduces waste where possible; all while producing quality, sustainably focused housing very quickly. Founded on the guiding principles of accessibility, efficiency, innovation, sustainability, and liveability, Nautilus Modular has set about to challenge the status quo and forge a new path in building production and construction in New Zealand.

Simply, we produce modules that can be connected to form buildings. The modules are dimensionally exactly the same and there are a range of different modules that clients can choose. Modules are designed to be interchangeable, so you can connect all module variants to each other and it is up to the client to decide how many modules make up a building. The design options are almost infinite and clients have full control over the design of their building, how many modules they want and what types of modules are included. You can design exactly what you want; whether that is a 6 module holiday home, a 12 module classroom, a 30 module five bedroom house, or any other variation that will suit your needs. Once the modules are produced they are transported to site, connected together and fully assembled through an installation process that should only take a matter of days!

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