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Mike Pinnell

Member since 2017

029 200 8981
Drayton Drive
Mt Pleasant

Mike’s extensive experience across property development, construction, project management and design provides a holistic view of the multiple demands of a successful project. He has a specialisation in multi-dwelling projects gained through working with developers and builders in Australia and New Zealand over a 20 year period. He believes that the adoption of prefabrication and modular approaches is a natural and necessary progression.

The growing awareness of the shortcomings of the housing market in its ability to meet the needs of a large portion of the population is driving the need for innovative developers to re-shape the industry and explore new solutions to reducing time and cost, and improving quality and safety in the construction of NZ homes.

This demand, combined with the selected use of prefabrication, is providing opportunities for improvement along the full length of the property value chain.

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