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Lundqvist Travaru AB

Member since 2018

Jan-Owe Wallberg
09 302 2879
PO Box 37542
Auckland 1010

Lundqvist Travaru AB, established 1936, is one of Sweden’s leading manufacturers of small and medium sized buildings based on a building system utilizing wooden wall sections 1,200 mm wide. The company, which has shown considerable growth during the last couple of years, supplies the Scandinavian market with approximately 500 buildings each year. Lundqvist has undergone a transformation from a traditional producer of timber building components to one of the leading build-tech companies in Sweden. The company has received several national awards for leading the Swedish industry into the new digital era; Smart Industry by The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and Sweden's Digital Gazelle Company by Google and Dagens Industri (Sweden's largest economy newspaper). Lundqvist strive to digitalize the entire building process - from the customer drawing their own building online and apply for a building consent, through the production line, assembly and finally throughout the building life cycle; measuring energy consumption and assisting in maintenance.

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