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Innovative Ceiling Systems (ICS)

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Duncan Leadley, Brian Woods
Duncan: 027 312 4570
Brian: 03 308 2948 or 021 165 8190,,
PO Box 309
Ashburton 7740
Innovative Ceiling Systems (ICS)

Innovative Ceiling Systems is a company which install ceilings and trusses.

ICS offers a superior streamline finished product using the 7.35m by 2.45m sheets of Metrapanel which allows for less joins. The solid ceilings act as a safe platform for builders to eliminate Health and Safety issues on site, as well as a lid to work under in varying weather conditions.

A better way to build – ICS is an imaginative and innovative construction method. Rather than using traditional plasterboard ceilings, houses are fitted with 25mm thick engineered wood panel ceilings, primer sealed for moisture resistance up to 30 days weather exposure.

ICS is compatible with traditional stick or steel frame building methods, as well as panel construction.

ICS install METRAceiling in all their projects.

Metrapanel is an innovative construction method that utilises sheets of compressed particle board injected with specially formulated resins. Metrapanel can be used to create the interior surface, as well as the structural and bracing elements of the building which replaces timber framing and plasterboard, in this case ICS just use the ceiling product.

Trusted by kiwi’s for over 25 years, Metrapanel has been the preferred modular panel housing system for over 9,000 projects across the residential, commercial, ceiling and retirement sectors. Pre-cut to simplify and speed up construction, Metrapanel is the robust, durable and energy efficient alternative.

By using METRAceilings, a safe work platform is created, so there is no need for extra health and safety costs such as nets. This platform allows contractors to walk on top of the ceiling, therefore, allowing truss erection to be completed in a fraction of normal time.

Once the ceiling panels are installed, they create a weatherproof ‘lid’ over the building, so as soon as the wrap is installed the frames can begin to dry, even without the roof being in place.

Due to the size of the sheets, ICS ceilings require much less stopping therefore saving you time and money. The overall installation time is 40-60% faster compared to traditional building methods.

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