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First Light Studio Ltd

Member since 2013

Ben Jagersma
04 385 3789
027 349 9784
Level 2, 80 Adelaide Road, Wellington
First Light Studio Ltd

Born out of the success of the US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon, First Light Studio thrives on challenging projects and consists of a competitive and results-driven team. As young, creative and proud New Zealanders, its directors secured a podium finish for the only Southern hemisphere entry in the international competition ten year history, leading them to the development of First Light today.

The product-led firm remains passionate about architecture, design and environmental stewardship and specialises in energy efficient, factory-built housing. Homes can be made to order and delivered to site in a shorter and more streamlined process than current conventional methods.

The new release of the First Light Home product range offers fixed price certainty up front, guaranteed low operational costs over the lifetime of the building, and customisable options to suit every client needs. Additional full architectural services are offered with the same environmental design ethos coupled with value for money, thermal performance, and construction efficiency.

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