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Ezyline Homes

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Wallace Stewart
07 572 0230
P.O. Box 4177
Mt Maunganui 3149
Ezyline Homes

Ezyline Homes is owned by W.A. Stewart Ltd. Wallace Stewart is the managing director and has 35 years experience in residential and light commercial construction. Wallace Stewart is an active member of the Master Builders Association and has previously won numerous gold awards in House of the Year competitions. Being a family company they employ family members in various key positions. Wallace says this provides a lot of stability to the company.

They are based in Mt Maunganui, where they service the entire North Island and would like to expand to the South Island in the future

Ezyline Prebuilt Homes was formed almost 10 years ago, specifically targeting people requiring good value, low-cost transportable homes. A large proportion of their clients are farmers, small block owners, property investors or for people who want additional family accommodation. Now called Ezyline Homes, they build homes ranging from a 50m2 one bedroom to a 120m2 four bedroom with ensuite.

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These homes are built in their yard at Mt Maunganui and are fully painted with all fixtures and fittings completed, and can even have carpet and vinyl fitted before transportation. They are constructed of conventional timber frame, to above-building code standard, with coloursteel roofing, double glazed aluminium windows, gib-board interior lining and usually fibre cement or timber weatherboard exterior cladding.

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Ezyline Homes find that construction in a controlled environment has a lot of advantages with numerous cost savings by having good systems, and use of plant efficiencies in place.

“Solid, Practical, Affordable and Easily transported” is the phrase used in advertising and is what they strive to achieve with each home delivered.

They are transported to site in one shift. This allows the homeowners to not be disrupted or concerned with day to day construction on their site, until, one day a new home is delivered onto their site, ready to be connected to services.

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