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Click Houses Limited

Member since 2019

Natasha Baumgartner
09 366 7795
PO Box 137 250
Auckland 1151

12 Churton Street
Auckland 1052

Click Houses vision is to design an economical and architecturally designed home that adapts to varying needs. Click allows you to design, build and adapt to whatever your requirements may be. Designed by a team of Architects and Interior designers at Wingate Architects. Click Houses is the result of 15 years of research and development in creating a sustainable, economical and efficient architectural solution.

Designed to be modular our Mods can be autonomous and self-sufficient or plug into power and public drainage systems. The external is sheathed in charred timber and glass, with internal exposed laminated timber CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) that responds to New Zealand’s abundance of timber. Comprising of three main components – The Lunar Mod, The Living Mod and The Link Mod you can create a design that works best for you.

Click takes pride in being unique to other modular designs. With Click you can choose to begin with one Mod and ‘click’ on more Mod’s as required over time. The design doesn’t have to end after your first installation on site. You may choose to start with one of our ‘Compact Living Mods’ and end up with a collective of Click’s over time.

Click Houses is about simplifying the complications of building with a bespoke design system using New Zealand supplied materials and readily supplied to make a true system with options that can be fitted for purpose. Your ‘Click’ reflects your lifestyle. Click Houses has a team of Architects and Interior Designers that have worked on a design that is compact yet functional. The Mod’s are constructed in a warehouse by our team of craftsmen. The materials are sourced locally and in collaboration with NZ manufacturers to come up with solutions that are cost efficient and minimise waste by reducing off cut wastage. The mods are designed to be transported with ease reducing the need for permits. Once you have selected your configuration your Click will be transported to site on a truck.

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