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Jim Rickard
07 579 6259
Farming House, L2, 104 Spring Street, Tauranga 3140

Builtin specialises in guarantees and insurance for the construction industry. Their independently insured guarantees offer peace of mind to building owners, lenders and other stakeholders that their financial investment in the construction is secure and the work will be free of defects.

Builtin’s product range includes 10 year guarantees for residential construction (both additions and new builds), 10 year latent defects liability cover for new commercial construction, contract works and liability insurance, performance and retention bonds and payment guarantees.

Builtin works closely with industry groups to develop innovative risk mitigation & insurance solutions for construction businesses and their clients.

The team at Builtin are dedicated to the construction sector, dealing exclusively with builders, building companies and other construction related trades for more than 10 years. Their expertise is unmatched, with tailored solutions to meet the needs of construction practitioners.

Builtin is pleased to become a Member of PrefabNZ - their aim is to provide solutions for customers and financiers who want additional financial surety for their up-front investment in building components that are manufactured off-site.

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