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Bossley Architects

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2/55 Mackelvie St, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021
Bossley Architects

Bossley Architects is an architectural and interior design practice with the express purpose of providing intense input into a deliberately limited number of projects. The practice is based on the belief that innovative yet practical design is essential for the production of good buildings, and that the best buildings spring from an open and enthusiastic collaboration between architect, client and consultants.

They have designed a wide range of projects including commercial, institutional and residential, and have amassed special expertise in the field of art galleries and museums, residential and the restaurant/entertainment sector. Whilst being very much design focused, the practice has an overriding interest in the pragmatics and feasibility of construction. There is considerable hands-on building experience amongst the personnel, and buildings are carefully detailed with construction methods in mind.

The practice has a wide range of experience and skills, with projects in the following key areas:

Arts and Culture Commercial and Retail Residential Education Public buildings Exhibition Design Urban Design and Planning Interior Design Furniture Design

Bossley Architect’s are currently working on a number of projects which incorporate prefabricated elements, and precast concrete is a recurring design element. One of the projects the practice is currently working on is an eye clinic in Honiara, Solomon Islands (see here), for this project the components are being manufactured in New Zealand, then shipped and assembled on site, which results in a quick and cost effective construction process for the client; the building also serves as a disaster relief centre, and is designed to withstand harsh weather and emergency situations.

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