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Altus Window Systems

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Mark Smith
09 272 1700
32 Bowden Road, Mt Wellington, Auckland
Altus Window Systems

Altus and its franchise brands have been at the forefront of windows for the NZ market for over 60 years. Their product range is extensive covering the residential, architectural and commercial sectors.Their latest innovation is the revolutionary Smartfit® window system.

Smartfit® is a hassle free ready-to-fit window system that arrives with built-in head flashings, jamb flashings, cavity closers, end dams and sill support bars. Which means it can be fitted 90% faster for an early close in, whilst boasting superior weathertightness.

Smartfit® is fully patented, CodeMark certified and BRANZ appraised.Smartfit® takes the entire window to the outside of the wall underlay line, the layers of flashing tapes and other protective measures in the opening are no longer required. The Smartfit® system brings all the elements that complete a window installation right back to the window at manufacturing time.

Download the Smartfit brochure: Smartfit Fact Sheet.pdf

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