What is PrefabNZ?

PrefabNZ is a non-profit membership organisation that informs, educates and advocates for innovation and excellence in offsite design and construction in New Zealand. Our Members are at the heart of everything we do and we are the heart of innovative construction in New Zealand.

We are passionate about how prefabrication and new technologies can achieve a better built environment - high quality, smarter, greener, safer, faster, more innovative and efficient building solutions. Our mission is to be a member-focused innovation champion - engaging, challenging and leading for increased offsite construction.

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*Benchmark: 17% in 2010. Source: BRANZ.

PrefabNZ was formed in 2010 from Pamela Bell’s (founder and former PrefabNZ CEO) Master of Architecture research thesis Kiwi Prefab: prefabricated housing in New Zealand (2007-2009). On 25th February 2010 a Kiwi Prefab workshop was held, which attracted over 140 people from across New Zealand. The support was so enthusiastic that an industry association was formed that same day.

The PrefabNZ spirit of collaboration, transparency and equity saw it emerge as a transformative social enterprise in New Zealand’s built environment, delivering a range of ground-breaking projects. Some of these include the annual CoLab conference, Cluster networking events, inaugural HIVE Home Innovation Village, Innovation Bites webinars, and design competitions: UNIpod open-source universal utility wall and SNUG secondary homes.

Prefabrication reached a tipping point when the Government launched KiwiBuild in 2018 with offsite methods seen to assist in that. This continues to be a body of work that PrefabNZ is strongly supporting.

In 2019 Scott Fisher became the new CEO to continue and expand on the good work laid down.

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What is prefab?

Prefab is short for prefabrication. It refers to any part of a building that is made away from the final building site. It can also be referred to as prebuilt or offsite construction.

Prefab is a complementary system to traditional construction. Prefab comes in all shapes and sizes, from small components, to two-dimensional panels, three-dimensional volumes/modules, a hybrid of several systems or a complete building. It can be made up of any material, from timber, to concrete, metal, plastic or a combination.

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For example, your home may have pre-nailed roof trusses and wall frames, your bach may have started as a transportable building or your workplace may use precast concrete elements.

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Why is prefab important?

Prefab Roadmap March 2013_front page.jpgInternational reports have extolled prefab's virtues as a valuable part of the built environment, yet there has not been a subsequent uptake by the design and construction industry in New Zealand.

The Prefab Roadmap for New Zealand draws from a rich and lengthy historical context, to formulate a contemporary vision to increase the quality of prefabricated output and grow customer value. This vision is based on identifying key challenges holding the industry back, the resulting actions needed and the relevant outcomes and outputs needed to achieve the actions.

Outcomes and outputs are wide-ranging, find out more and download the Prefab Roadmap for New Zealand here, or a one-page Roadmap Summary here.

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