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Introducing the SNUG - A PrefabNZ design competition for 'a home in my backyard'

The SNUG is a complementary dwelling for your garden - a home for you, your parents, your kids, your work or for play. What do you want it to be, and how do you get one....find out here

SNUG Designs: click on each SNUG home icon below to see more design images and information.

Pitch Flip Whare-Iti

Casabella Kowae Thrive

45 Degrees Whitebaiter Sanctum

Pi Honi Porch Easy

What is a SNUG 'a home in my backyard'?

A SNUG is a complementary dwelling for your back garden - a home for your children as they adventure out into independent living, a safe place for extended family members, or a work-space to provide an alternative to commuting.

  • Smaller than 65 m2, to meet the Auckland Council's definition of a minor dwelling.
  • Manufactured buildings. That means that they are designed to be made offsite under controlled manufacturing conditions before being transported to site either whole or in pieces for assembly. This means less time building on site, less disruption, and higher quality.

Prospective SNUG owners can pick and choose a SNUG option from the SNUG catalogue that suits them and their backyard. Keep your eyes peeled for the Defign magazine profile later in November 2018

The winners of the PrefabNZ SNUG competition will be assessed by the Auckland Council to provide a pre-consent approval on the structure, significantly streamlining the consent process.

  • Full competition brief and more background information here
  • Watch our SNUG promo with ADNZ at the Resene Architecture & Design Film Festiva below

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Interested in a SNUG in your backyard? Here's a 12 step guide!

SNUG Flowchart FINAL.jpg

Download the above flowchart here
Step 1: Register your interest and
request a SNUG catalogue by sending your address to
Step 2: Choose your SNUG home here
Step 3: Explore Summer of SNUG Showhomes - coming soon!
Step 4: Check your site conditions with your council.
Step 5: Apply for a PIM - check to see if your backyard is SNUG-ready. Request a Pre-Application Guidance from Auckland Council here. It can be really beneficial from a building and planning perspective to apply for a Project Information Memorandum (PIM) early on. They are cheaper relative to a Resource or Building Consent and supply all the information the Council is aware of that might affect a project. It can give you, in advance, all the information that might hold you up when you actually apply. And in some cases give you the opportunity to change things so you don’t get held up. Read more about PIM here
Step 6: Talk to your bank
Step 7: SNUG home team documents the design for your backyard
Step 8: Building consent with Council
Step 9: Offsite prefab building starts
Step 10: SNUG home delivered and installed
Step 11: Share your photos at
Step 12: Enjoy and relax!


PrefabNZ is very grateful for the support of our SNUG Partners:

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