Stanley Construction deliver prefab solution for Housing NZ

Stanley Construction deliver prefab solution for Housing NZ

PrefabNZ Member Stanley Construction recently completed a project for the Housing NZ RightSize project: providing the right sized homes in the right places. They delivered 55 two-bedroom homes and 103 two-bedroom extensions across South and West Auckland.

The majority of the sites had limited access, so a factory manufacturing process was the perfect solution, reducing time on site and achieving a high level of repetition off-site. This was paramount with regards to Housing NZ as the project was less impacted by adverse weather and less time on site reduced the risk of construction hazards. In addition, by manufacturing “in house” the Stanley team were able to better control quality, reduce material wastage and react quickly to any changes in the programme demand. Savings were targeted at every conceivable step in the process through bulk buying, re-engineering wastage to become usable product, or simply by careful scheduling to ensure efficient transport logistics.

Stanley Construction managed the entire process from design, consenting and construction through to obtaining compliance. The specific approach for this project was to target ease, flexibility and speed of construction. Manufacturing capabilities were streamlined on a lean manufacturing model in order to ensure minimal wastage, minimal handling of materials, high levels of repetition, and robust quality assurance procedures.

Contract Type:

Design & Build Modular Manufacture
Earl Rutherford, MOTM Architects
Structural Engineer:
Alistair Cattanach, Dunning Thornton

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