SHOVEL READY Announcement from Mark Binns

"SHOVEL READY Announcement from Mark Binns

Tēnā koe

Crown Infrastructure Partners Ltd is assisting the Infrastructure Industry Reference Group to advise the Government on issues affecting the construction industry, as a result of the COVID 19 crisis. I am the Chairman of the Reference Group, as well as of CIP.

Ministers would like to understand the availability of ‘shovel ready’ projects across the country. This information will be used to inform any potential response required to provide certainty and support to the construction industry once the COVID 19 Response Level is suitable for construction to proceed.

CIP will gather the information on ‘shovel ready’ infrastructure projects/programmes and include this in a report for consideration by the Reference Group and Ministers.

This email provides further information on this process.

What we need from you

We are very conscious of the demands on everyone during this time. Our intention in seeking project information from the industry is to strike the right balance between enabling industry to provide relevant, high level information on ‘shovel ready’ projects without expending significant resource.

The attached “Project Information Guidelines” document outlines:

  • the criteria that the project must satisfy for potential inclusion in the report, and
  • CIP’s process for receiving and reviewing the project information.

The criteria (outlined in the Guidelines) is intended to help you understand the types of projects that the Reference Group and Ministers are seeking to identify. The key focus is on projects that are already in construction but have stopped, or projects that are close to being ready for construction.

Only projects that meet the criteria will be included in the report.

If you are interested in having a project included in the report that CIP and the Reference Group will provide to Ministers, please:

  • read the attached Project Information Guidelines; and
  • complete and submit one Project Information Form for each project by 5pm Tuesday 14 April 2020

These documents are attached and provided for download on CIP’s website.

We will be working through project information as soon as it is made available to us and therefore appreciate receiving each Project Information Form at your earliest convenience.

Next steps

As an initial task the Reference Group has been asked to prepare a list of infrastructure projects/programmes that are ready for construction and could, if the Government deemed it appropriate, be deployed as part of a stimulatory package. It should be noted that the full impact of COVID 19 on the economy will not be known for some time and the Government’s decision to accelerate any construction-related spend will be determined by its assessment of priorities at the time. This information is being sought in good faith but no undertaking can be made that the criteria or any other considerations will not change or that any projects coming forward from the Reference Group will be accelerated, or any of the Reference Group’s recommendations adopted. This situation we all find ourselves in is truly dynamic.

The report to the Reference Group and Ministers will provide key information that categorises and summarises projects by their state of readiness, infrastructure type, location, industry classification, value, potential national/regional benefit and likely employment contribution.

We will be in touch to relay any subsequent steps as soon as possible once these have been confirmed by relevant Ministers.

We would be pleased to help with any queries. In the first instance, could you please send any queries by email to us at and we will seek to respond as soon as possible.

We look forward to receiving your project information.

Kind regards

Mark Binns

Chairman, Crown Infrastructure Partners Limited and Infrastructure Industry Reference Group"

Shovel Ready Project Information Form

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