Rothoblaas: "The most complete range of wood screws on the market"



The South Tyrolean multinational that designs, develops and distributes technological systems for wood construction presents an update to its assortments of screws for wood. There are a number of new features: screws for carpentry, structural screws, screws for external use and for timber-metal connections. All tested and certified, with ample data available, including for applications on CLT, LVL and hardwood.

“We have expanded our already wide variety of screws by including many new features in the range, as well as specific variations of some of our classic screws,” says Michele Dal Ri, Product Manager for the fasteners line at Rothoblaas. “In addition to the new screws for softwood and hardwood, we have introduced innovative solutions for fastening metal plates, developed screws over one meter long, as well as new EVO screws, an abbreviation for a special coating which allows for use in aggressive climates, such as marine coasts, or with aggressive tannin woods, such as oak and chestnut, or even wood that has been chemically treated with sealing agents or other such substances. We have also significantly expanded our offer of screws for terraces and façades, and can now provide the appropriate solution for practically any outdoor situation. The overall intention is to offer our customers even more specific, more durable, high-performing solutions, and we are accomplishing this not one, but several steps at a time,” says Dal Ri proudly.

Along with the breadth of the range, Rothoblaas has taken great care over the technical data available for design purposes. “It might seem strange, but we realised that in our sector, it is still difficult to provide empirical data on the performance of fasteners on engineered wood, despite the fact that CLT and Microllam® LVL are now widely used. Gaps like that also affect us. For this reason, we have decided to provide as much data as possible for each of the products in the catalogue. And let’s not forget, we also really like to be first in any field,” concludes Dal Ri with a satisfied smile.

The new catalogue contains numerous solutions for all areas of application, and the offer is further enhanced by complementary products and accessories that improve the experience of use. For more information about our products and to download our free catalogue, visit

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