Partnership with leading builder delivers multi-office building in just 9 weeks​​​


9 APRIL 2020

Off-site manufacturing in partnership with leading builder delivers multi-office building in just 9 weeks

Concision off-site manufacturing, in partnership with Versatile Pukekohe, has completed a single story, 262 m2, multi-office building in just nine weeks start to finish – shortening the traditional build time by approximately 10 weeks.

Concision is the leading New Zealand off-site manufacturer of panelised and modular components for the building construction industry. It combines world-class factories with precision digital technology, from leading German company Weinmann, to deliver OSM systems and solutions around New Zealand.

Versatile is a nationwide building franchise with over 40 years’ experience. It brings local building knowledge and a thorough understanding of New Zealand’s building sector to every project it undertakes.

Concision GM Wade Macauley says this project is a great example of the many benefits offered by Concision off-site manufacturing.

“We can deliver high-quality buildings in extremely short time frames compared to traditional building. In this case, we built the panels in the factory in a single day, delivered them to site and installed them in two days.

“In general we can turn around the panels for a standard home in about four hours and have the capacity to build 1000 homes a year,” says Wade Macauley.

Versatile Pukekohe saw this project as an ideal way to show the industry what the company can do when the panels are pre-fabricated and delivered to site.

“We’ve proven that modern pre-fabrication and speed also equal quality,” says Wenny Lubbers Owner/Operator of Versatile Pukekohe.

“Delivering a building in just 9 weeks requires strict planning and high levels of discipline but we did exactly that to keep everything on track.

“The client was very impressed with the speed and smooth delivery of what is a top-quality build. In fact, they were so impressed they also engaged us on the interior finishing and landscaping.

“We see this as a start of a very exciting way of changing our traditional building process.”

Concision and Versatile are part of the Spanbild Group, which also includes Portabuild, TotalSpan and Ideal.

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