​Woodspan® PLT Panels: Making use of New Zealand’s natural resources

Taranakipine® is a long established (1954) and trusted wood manufacturing business, based in New Plymouth. Taranakipine® has evolved over time from being pre-dominantly a sawmill to a manufacturer of high-quality finger jointed and laminated products; employing over 170 staff and exporting to markets around the world.

This desire to continue to evolve as a business and best utilise their current manufacturing capabilities saw the trialling of a new, innovative engineered panel system - parallel laminated timber (PLT) panels. Woodspan® PLT Panels are made from finger jointed or solid timber boards that are then laminated into large panels with all grain running parallel to panel span direction to produce a strong, structurally efficient panel.

In 2017 a house was designed and built in collaboration with builder Chris Bell Construction and the team from Boon Team Architects incorporating Woodspan® PLT Panels for the first level midfloor. The Woodspan® PLT Panels were manufactured and fabricated within the Woodspan® factory and delivered to the building site stacked in the order the builder requested, coated with a sealant to provide temporary moisture protection along with detailed layouts to provide concise and easy instruction. Once onsite they were installed by crane quickly and efficiently, with both Chris Bell Construction and Boon Team Architects taking advantage of the accuracy and quality that offsite prefabrication brought.

“We used Woodspan® because it allowed us with our design technology to go straight from 3D design into the assembly of buildings, so for us, it’s been about speed, span and efficiency of build” comments Glenn Brebner (Boon Team Architects).

In addition to providing a ready to install floor solution, Woodspan® PLT Panels were able to be delivered with an appearance grade finish which gave the homeowner the opportunity to showcase the warmth and natural look that timber products provide.

Today, as a result of the success of this project Woodspan® are delighted to be able to offer flooring and roofing panels in a range of different sizes and finishes to the construction market.

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