Helena Lidelöw from Luleå University of Technology confirmed as keynote international speaker at CoLab 2017

Helena Lidelöw

PrefabNZ looks forward to welcoming Helena Lidelöw from Luleå University of Technology as our first confirmed keynote speaker at CoLab 2017.

Helena is the Platform Manager at Lindbacks (, Sweden’s leader in industrialised construction of apartment buildings. Her topic is Industrialized construction in Sweden – from single-family homes to multi-family buildings. “People often ask what the most important thing is to consider when working with prefab and industrialisation?” says Helena, “I never answer that you need machines or fancy automation equipment. What it really is about is integration of predefined solutions. They can be realised through the simplest of technologies and still be extremely industrialised.”

Helena is Associate Professor researching Timber Structures, within the Industrialised and Sustainable Construction division at Luleå University of Technology, Sweden. She has an impressive deep knowledge and research output in efficiency in construction and sustainable buildings.

Come and join us at CoLab in Auckland in March!

For the full line up of PrefabNZ CoLab content and plus registration information, see our CoLab page.

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