What Will Make You Change to Bigger Building Chunks?

Pamela Bell

Pamela Bell, PrefabNZ CEO, asks if you're ready for change in her latest Detailed eboss blog.

Pamela states that "Future design and construction businesses will be influenced by disruptive business models, such as mass customisation, but with everyone quite comfortable with the status quo, an extremely compelling argument must be offered in order to change."

She asks "When was the last time you took an innovation-based risk and felt 150% outside your comfort zone?" Can we achieve a cultural shift in the industry?"

David Chandler, who led PrefabNZ’s first Business Optimisation MasterClass challenges us to think like 'fast fish' - move quickly, nimbly, responsively to customers, and swim together.

Read 'What Will Make You Change to Bigger Building Chunks?' here.

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