When did disruption become a good thing?

When did disruption become a good thing?

BRANZ's external research project 'When did Disruption Become a Good Thing?' is now complete. It aimed to identify new and emerging business models in the construction industry, with a focus on the residential sector. The research also looked to identify why new business models are slow in coming to the construction sector and the barriers to disruptive innovation.

PrefabNZ contributed to the survey research - the results are now available. In summary, BRANZ found seven new business models emerging globally in the sector:

1. Mass Customisation
2. Products Becoming Services
3. Services Becoming Products
4. Separation of Ownership and Use
5. The Sharing Economy
6. Agile Design & Construction
7. Agile Planning

These are not mutually exclusive - find out how they work!

Download BRANZ's ER14 Report When Did Disruption Become a Good Thing? here

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