Ged finch, next-gen up and coming allstar to present at PrefabNZ CoLab 2018

PrefabNZ CoLab 2018 Ged Finch

PrefabNZ NZ is thrilled to introduce Ged Finch, MArch. Ged is a next gen all-star agitator and industry changer. He's kindly coming to CoLab to blow our minds with his work.

As a postgraduate researcher at Victoria University of Wellington, Ged is actively exploring the capacity of prefabricated architecture to reduce waste in the Building Industry. Ged’s research is a multidisciplinary study that brings together industrial design, engineering, building science and architecture to propose experiential construction methodologies that substantially reduce building
waste quantities.

The research utilises Victoria Universities digital manufacturing tools and rapid prototyping technologies while also exploring ‘low-tech’ and low carbon solutions. Full scale prototyping of these alterative construction systems is carried out regularly with the research
moving to quantify the performance of each system though strength testing, life cycle analysis and economic analysis. Collaborating closely with industry partners this research is actively seeking to introduce the next generation of sustainable and prefabricated building systems to New Zealand’s construction industry.

Prior to undertaking this research Ged has worked in two medium sized architectural firms in Malaysia, been involved in statistical damage analysis of residential dwellings in the Christchurch earthquake and tutored extensively in the field of Built Environmental Science to undergraduate students.

Under the guidance of Senior Lecturer and PrefabNZ Board Member Guy Marriage, Ged has completed his Master of Architecture study in Wellington, and is currently transitioning to Doctorate level study. This continued research aims to further develop experiential construction methodologies that reduce waste and improve productivity. It is the eventual aim of the research project to deliver a New Zealand first waste-free, circular economy, prefabricated residential dwelling.

CoLab is the anticipated annual conference of PrefabNZ, its THE prefab and offsite event at the heart of innovative construction #CoLab2018, 7 - 9 March, Auckland. More information on session leaders, programme, site visits and registration click here.

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