Click-Raft: Clever Affordable Building

Click-Raft: Clever Affordable Building

Have you been watching Grand DesignsNZ? If so, you may have seen the Click-Raft structure at PrefabNZ Member Guy Marriage's Kapiti 'stilt house' (Season 2 Episode 4). Designed by Chris Moller, CMA+U, Grand Designs NZ Presenter and Deputy Chair PrefabNZ, it provided a beautiful lattice-like ceiling/floor to the bach.

PrefabNZ is delighted to have a Click-Raft (2.4 x 4.8 sqm) available for sale at a reduced price - would you like it to be yours?

Click-Raft is an easy-to-assemble structure, digitally cut from plywood to provide panels that can be quickly clicked together to form floor, wall and roof rafts in different configurations. The beauty of the system is it's strong, rugged, addordable, fast and easy to assemble/extend and flexible for different sites/uses. It can be used as you wish - a floor, ceiling, wall or furniture storage - it's highly adaptable!

You can find out more about Click-Raft here or contact us for purchase enquiries.

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