XLam's growth into Australia brings jobs, innovative technology and customer solutions

As Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) increasingly excites town planners, designers, architects, builders and environmentalists alike, XLam’s growth strategy into Australia brings regional jobs, innovative technology and comprehensive customer solutions.

In consultation with Government officials at all levels and in consideration of commercial efficiency, XLam determined its new state-of-the-art CLT manufacturing plant is to be built in the City of Wodonga, Victoria.

The support from all levels of Government continues in the form of establishment grants as part of a concerted, regional development focus.

XLam CEO, Gary Caulfield said the support from Government further enhances the establishment of the plant, getting people into this new area of work and supporting the region and assisting with the purchase of high-tech manufacturing equipment.

“We have been fortunate to secure a grant from the Commonwealth Government Next Generation Australian Industry grants of $2.5 million, an initiative driven by Innovation Minister, Greg Hunt.” Mr Caulfield said.

Mr Caulfield also confirmed today that a further grant of $450,000 has been offered, and accepted, by the Victorian Regional Development authority to support the required job development processes. The establishment of the plant is expected to create 54 local jobs across several years of operation.

“The new plant will not only provide direct employment opportunities, however will have a knock on effect to suppliers and service providers throughout the region, such as transport.”

“A commercial builder in the region, Joss Group, has also been awarded the construction contract of the high-tech sustainable timber facility, construction which has already commenced and is due to be completed in early 2017,” said Mr Caulfield.

The manufacturing plant represents a $25 million investment at a private development by AP Delaney within the Logic industrial estate, a location choice supported by the City of Wodonga local council.

The plant is located 290 kilometres from Melbourne, 580 kilometres from Sydney and 1020 kilometres from Adelaide. Providing access to 80% of the country in approximately 24 hours.

“The location of the site means XLam will be ideally positioned to deliver to its customers throughout most of Australia via road or rail very quickly. This is important as XLam seeks to supply the greater Asia Pacific region”.

Once construction is complete, the installation of manufacturing equipment is scheduled for April, 2017. This will officially make XLam the largest CLT manufacturer in Australia with one of the most technologically advanced CLT plants in the world. XLam are leading the way for innovation in sustainable construction throughout the southern hemisphere.

XLam’s business model includes design, manufacture and installation capacity to deliver comprehensive construction solutions for customers.

Timber used in the manufacture of CLT stores carbon, representing one of the technologies many environmental credentials. CLT is also light and can be quick to install, is prefabricated reducing on-site construction waste and improving site safety, is durable, strong, cost effective, and far and away, a superior solution.

Gary Caulfield will be delivering at PrefabNZ's CoLab conference. Find out more here

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