XLam Remains Committed to Driving Innovation in the Prefabricated Structural Timber Solutions Sector

XLam committed

XLam, the fast growing prefabricated structural timber solutions company, today announced that contrary to a recent media release the company is not ‘up-for-sale’ nor ‘selling-off’ any business units/divisions and is not experiencing financial stress.

Staff and customers are assured that the organisation is performing toward its agreed plan and gaining momentum as an alternative building solutions provider in the construction sector.

The XLam Board and Senior Management team felt it necessary to silence any rumours of a sell-off and provide confidence to its staff, current and future customers and the wider market it remains committed to delivering innovative solutions that increase value in construction.

XLam remain committed to all current and future negotiations, which will continue unabated, providing service and product solutions to projects in the Asia Pacific region. XLam is well positioned to build on its increasing momentum through the acquisition of new projects, and believe the execution of a recent internal alignment strategy is best placed to accelerate growth.

Mr Shane Robertson, XLam CEO, said, “XLam are currently thriving from an operational standpoint as we continue to see robust project sales and build strong relationships with some of the most recognisable construction companies throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Following a thorough evaluation of the XLam operations we feel we have the right staff, strategy and capabilities to accelerate performance into the next exciting phase of our journey.”

Mr Robertson also stated, “Our business is in a start-up phase and remains exceptionally strong. We have an extremely talented and driven team of people throughout the organisation. It is important that we recognise that businesses are about people and that making unfounded claims/accusations in the public forum can have a destabilising effect on a flourishing business”.

Mr Gary Caulfield, XLam General Manager, said “Our success as an alternative construction solutions company over the last 5 years is due to a number of factors, including a highly-skilled workforce, support from customers within local and international markets, and the foresight from our Board in recognising our potential.”

“XLam is not for sale, and we do not have financial issues or concerns,” Mr Caulfield added.

“The XLam Board and Senior Management team have a five-year strategic plan focusing on making improvements to optimise our integrated business and support the continued supply of high-quality, locally produced prefabricated structural timber solutions,” said Caulfield.

XLam are encouraged by the ongoing adoption of modern methods of construction throughout Australasia. Despite the varying levels of adoption, the signs are encouraging for our industry. XLam remain committed to supporting those who recognise there is a better way to build. XLam also acknowledges the pioneering efforts of companies such as Strongbuild, who have created a path for others to follow.

“As an innovative industry leader, Strongbuild brought talent, experience and drive to the forefront of the construction process and we continue to hold Strongbuild in high esteem, taking much inspiration from their work,” said Mr Caulfield.

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