Waiparuru Project - Concision's modular bathrooms exceed expectations

When it comes to largescale construction projects like Waiparuru Hall, quality, efficiency and speed are absolutely critical. To maximise efficiency and ensure a safer, more productive worksite, Dominion Constructors chose to partner with New Zealand’s leading modular bathroom provider, Concision.

Established in 2015, Concision is 100% owned and operated by Spanbild Holdings – the market leader in the design, manufacture and building of residential, rural and commercial buildings.

Using state-of-the-art, German-engineered automated building technology, the Christchurch-based construction company has been able to design and construct any structure – from homes and schools, to commercial buildings and even multi-storey apartments.

Recently, Concision’s prefabricated modular bathrooms were chosen for the University of Auckland’s Waiparuru Hall project. Once complete, the new building will provide accommodation for more than 780 students across 12 floors, including 216 bathrooms and a number of communal social spaces.

Dominion Constructors said they chose Concision for the company’s unique bathroom design and low-profile fibreglass flooring. The slim design has allowed Dominion to use thin plated concrete slabs instead of recessed slabs – cutting costs and speeding up installation.

The end-to-end construction and installation process was also sped up by Concision’s plug-and-play model. Once delivered onsite, Dominion was able to install 11 modular bathroom pods – complete with toilet, shower, sink and hand-dryer – in just two days, with plumbing and electrical work fixed simultaneously. The same process would have taken up to eight weeks had the bathrooms been individually constructed onsite.

To reduce risk and avoid on-site challenges, Concision’s bathrooms also arrive fully compliant – removing the need for onsite regulatory compliance inspections. Manufactured in sequence, each bathroom pod passes through a number of stages during which operations and quality are strictly controlled.

To date, Concision has delivered 65 bathroom pods across five storeys for the Waiparuru Hall project. The student accommodation is set for completion in early 2020.

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