Tall timber buildings - high aspirations for Tall Wood

"Tall Wood is a new kind of company - Tall Wood thinks about buildings as products." says Daiman Otto, PrefabNZ Board member and Director of Tall Wood. "We all know building could be better. But it's not just the buildings themselves - how we design, collaborate and construct the built environment could be dramatically different."

Tall Wood is a deep-thinking technology business committed to delivering future-proofed buildings now. The expert team creates a product prescription for the project - and then back themselves to deliver it.

Daiman says "Tall timber is where global construction is going and for very good reason - engineered timber is the best material to deliver sustainable buildings, and it's also the best material to provide genuine quality, speed and cost advantages. Tall Wood can provide an integrated solution to deliver high quality buildings faster and cheaper."

Here is how Daiman describes Tall Wood's points of difference;

Our team are recognised leaders in the industry and bring decades of experience in property development, prefabrication, design, governance, management and strategy.

Conventional construction can only guarantee uncertainty - we turn this on its head. By using Tall Wood's proprietary structural system and our knowledge of how to put together buildings quickly, we can provide you cost, time and program certainty from day one."

Seamless Turn-Key Delivery
We can offer complete turn-key construction delivery though our trusted contractor partners - part of the team from day one.

Supply Chain Smarts
Our supply chain partners are tried, tested and fully committed to our mission to deliver buildings faster, more simply and cheaper.

We believe the key to any successful project is all about working with the right people. We focus on providing an open and collaborative culture with our clients and stakeholders so that we focus on inclusivity and discussion - not conflict.

We think and act ahead of the curve. Global construction is at a tipping point between the status quo and massive change - we know which side we are on. We ensure that our work is critically informed by cutting edge thinking and practice from New Zealand and around the world. Tall Wood is working with select clients on buildings across New Zealand - if you need a solution where time, cost and quality are critical factors, you need to talk with us.

Contact Daiman at: 27 650 5559

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