Metra Panels: Standing up to Mother Nature

Engineered for strength

The more you learn about the benefits of building with the Metra Construction Panel System, the more you start to wonder why anyone would build the old way anymore.

Compared to timber framing and plasterboard, Metra Construction Panels give you much more strength, speed, space and durability.

The Metra Construction Panel System provides a strong wall bracing system that exceeds the bracing requirements of the New Zealand Building Code and is suitable for use in very high wind zones, so you can be certain your building will stand up to Mother Nature.


Metra Construction Panels are incredibly strong. Not only do they remove the need for framing and lining, they are also self-bracing, won’t warp over time, and move less if settling occurs.

metra strength.png


The old style of plasterboard over timber framing is a bulky way to build. Metra Construction Panels are so efficient you can get up to 7.5 percent more useable floor space. To put that into perspective, in a space where you’d once fit 20 terraced units, you can now fit 21.

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Building with the Metra Construction Panel System speeds up construction by up to a massive 40-60 percent. You could complete a 160m2 home in as little as six weeks.

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Metra Construction Panels are almost impossible to dent. At 640kg/m3 density, these heavy-duty walls will stand up to the knocks of everyday life, including children, pets and moving house.

With large panel sizes and fewer joins, you get a high-quality smooth finish and less nail popping. The panels are also self-bracing, which means there is less movement from settling over time.

metra durability.png

Environmentally friendly

They’re also an environmentally conscious choice. Instead of cutting down new trees, we use NZ pine wood fibre leftover from timber processing. And there’s less wastage. The panel offcuts are used to build shelving, benches, stairs, risers and treads, reducing wastage compared to traditional building methods.

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