Spanbild, NZ's highest building producer, buys out Concision prefab manufacturing plant


News just in from Spanbild that they now own 100% of Concision, the building panalisation factory in Rolleston, near Christchurch.

Concision produces high precision panels in big quantities for residential housing and commercial businesses. Spanbild and Mike Greer Homes set up in Concision as a joint venture in 2015, now Spanbild has acquired Mike Greer Homes' share.

Spanbild has been constructing for over 50 years, so they have the knowledge and capabilities to grow their offsite manufacturing operations and will soon announce new systems and innovations.

Spanbild producesmore buildings in New Zealand than any other single company! They produce all kinds of prefab elements using a huge range of materials and innovative technologies; components, panels, pods, modules, volumetric systems, as well as transportable finished buildings. They are demonstrating the value of prefab here in NZ. We can't wait for further news!

Don Elder, Spanbild Chairman says "Spanbild already provides up to 5,000 finished buildings each year from our five existing factories. We will now apply our 50 years of experience directly to Concision’s world-class capability, to substantially increase our range and volume of building solutions."

Read the full announcement details here


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