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Spanbild Projects prefab homes

From a unique and efficient solution to developing a school, education campus or hotel to a large-scale residential project or retirement village, Spanbild Projects brings together leading-edge structural technology and proven capability to deliver a wide range of buildings and materials, tailored to the New Zealand environment.

The organisation, part of the Spanbild network – a building industry leader for over 40 years, designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of panelised, steel and modular building components and solutions from dedicated factories in Christchurch and Auckland.

With ever-greater demands for efficiency, waste minimisation and value from the local market, Spanbild Projects’ approach offers significant improvements in build time, precision and quality.

Spanbild Projects is joint venture partner in Concision, the Christchurch-based panelised technology factory. This investment has brought the latest advances in manufactured building development from around the world to the New Zealand building industry. At the Concision facility, the walls, floors and roof panels of each building are constructed in-factory – complete with insulation, cabling, plumbing and plastering, which are then delivered onsite and assembled. Over 1,000 homes are produced each year.


The use of factory-built technology has the potential to revolutionise the way New Zealand builds. The technology – and the processes Spanbild Projects has developed, can make larger projects more affordable, use public and private investment in the most efficient way, or provide high-quality solutions for a range of new buildings, including multi-storey and terraced options.

The benefits of the technology are evident in the University of Canterbury’s Dovedale Student Accommodation. Employing Concision’s structural panelised technology, Spanbild Projects was able to design, manufacture and install 2500 lineal metres of structural wall and floor panels on site, including kitchens, shared bathrooms and ensuites. The project was completed in just 11 weeks, including two weeks lost to weather delays.

The project was also a good example of the organisation’s approach to project design. Spanbild Projects brings together the experience of an integrated team of engineers, designers and technical managers – expert in the use of manufactured technologies – to add further value. Clients can work with the design team to select the technology, materials and solutions to suit the needs of project. Each element can then be carefully integrated into the construction programme, delivered to the site and assembled as required, to fit seamlessly with the rest of the project.

The precision and repeatability of the designs and processes are ideally suited to large-scale projects, particularly those where affordability is key. In areas like social housing, large-scale residential developments, medium density developments and accommodation for the retirement or education sector, Spanbild Projects’ expertise can make a vital difference to the delivery of the project.

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